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Toxic Relationship: Boy Accused of Killing Girlfriend for Rituals

Rituals: Boy Accused of Killing Girlfriend

A young man who was allegedly accused of killing his girlfriend for rituals has taken to social media to render his side of the story.

The boy named Killaboigram on Instagram confessed to truly killing his girlfriend, but not for rituals like people had said.

He said his girlfriend had died accidentally from a fight they had and her death was not a premeditated murder.

Killaboigram on his Instagram story also claimed to be ready to turn himself in to the authorities but, “it has to be the right way and the truth” he said.

His Instagram bio suggests he is a Blockchain developer. The young man also confessed to making his money legitimately and debunked that he must have killed his girlfriend for rituals.

His dead girlfriend who he had called Augusta on his Instagram story was to meet with him on the 12 of July to resolve their differences after they had supposedly fallen out the previous day. The meeting that had no third party present had spiralled from arguments to fights, and eventually the death of the lady, Augusta.

Sharing screenshots of their conversation, Killaboigram also mentioned in his story that he spoke with the deceased mum who tried to pacify him before he had the fight with his girlfriend.

He had termed the killing of his girlfriend a function of toxic relationship.

More screenshots were posted, including a video in his story on Instagram with a description saying Augusta had picked up a knife in one of their many fights in September 2022.

The young man had said he is suicidal at the moment and is willing to pay the price even to death as long as the truth is what prevails.

In another instagram story he wrote,

“I didn’t use my beloved for rituals, even the mom and family knows what the problem was.

“I want to give in, I want to give in.

“But I will give in for the truth not lies.

“I will give in I promise I will do this for her cause I love her and I will do till death.

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