Tragedy Strikes Ondo as Tanker Explosion Claims Many Lives

Tragedy Strikes Ondo as Tanker Explosion Claims Many Lives

A tragic incident struck the commercial town of Ore, located in the Odigbo Local Government Area of Ondo State on Sunday.

The community was engulfed in sorrow as a tanker explosion resulted in the loss of multiple lives.

According to reports, the catastrophe unfolded when residents of the area rushed to the site of a truck crash to gather spilled petrol.

In a desperate attempt to obtain fuel, the scene turned chaotic, and fuel had spread across the road.

Tragically, the spilled fuel was ignited by a spark that originated from a mobile phone held by one of the individuals involved in scooping the fuel.

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The sudden ignition triggered the tanker explosion, leading to the loss of several lives in the community.

The incident took place on Showboy Road, close to a filling station in the vicinity. John, a motorcycle rider (okada rider) in the area, provided accounts of the calamity and revealed that it resulted in the loss of more than 15 lives.

Among the victims were three children and a pregnant woman, who tragically perished in the intense fire.

“After the truck crashed, people began to rush to the scene to scoop fuel. It was in the process that the truck exploded.

“Three children died, and we have counted over 15 bodies. A pregnant woman who wanted to buy fuel also died,” he disclosed.

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Fumilayo Odunlami-Omisanya, the state’s police spokesperson, verified the occurrence and characterized the individuals involved as fuel scoopers.

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