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Grand Jury Declines to Indict Travis Scott and Others in Astroworld Concert Deaths

In a significant development following a nearly two-year police investigation into the tragic deaths at the 2021 Astroworld concert, a grand jury has chosen not to pursue criminal charges against rapper Travis Scott and five other individuals. This decision was announced on Thursday, marking the conclusion of the investigation and prompting assurances from police officials that the findings will be made public.

Travis Scott not indicted by grand Jury in Criminal Probe

Travis Scott

Throughout the duration of the investigation, Scott’s legal representative consistently maintained his client’s non-involvement in any criminal wrongdoing related to the concert, which resulted in the deaths of 10 individuals and left numerous others injured.

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Following the grand jury’s verdict, Houston Police Chief Troy Finner refrained from providing detailed information about the factors contributing to the Astroworld disaster. However, he disclosed that an extensive 1,200-page offense report would be released to the public once it undergoes a redaction process, emphasizing that it would speak for itself. Chief Finner, during a news conference, urged everyone to delve into the report, acknowledging its substantial nature. However, no specific date was mentioned regarding its publication.

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During the news conference, Chief Finner was accompanied by District Attorney Kim Ogg, whose team of prosecutors dedicated significant time to dissecting the legal aspects surrounding the incident. They explored various charges that could be pursued against Travis Scott and those responsible for organizing and ensuring the security of the concert. Eventually, their options were limited, with the charge of endangering a child remaining as the last resort if the grand jurors failed to reach a consensus on charges of manslaughter or criminally negligent homicide. Notably, two of the deceased concertgoers were under the age of 14.

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The grand jury, having heard testimonies and examined evidence presented by the police investigators, ultimately decided against indicting Travis Scott. Furthermore, the jurors chose not to press charges against Brent Silberstein, the festival manager, and four individuals associated with Live Nation and Scoremore, the entities responsible for organizing the event.

Official grand jury documents officially identified Travis Scott, 32, by his birth name, Jacques Webster II. Throughout the process, prosecutors and Houston police detectives involved in the investigation were observed entering and exiting a designated room for grand jury proceedings. Scott’s lawyer, Kent Schaffer, along with Silberstein’s defense attorney, periodically visited the third floor of the criminal courthouse to monitor the progress of the grand jury. According to lawyers, the jury reached its decision around 2 p.m.

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The conclusion of the criminal investigation against Travis Scott highlights the diligent efforts made by the Houston Police in reviewing the circumstances surrounding the concert tragedy. A local task force, established one year after the event, concluded in November that future gatherings of this scale would require stringent protocols to ensure authorities never overlook potential dangers. Chief Finner emphasized the necessity of platforms at large events, enabling law enforcement officers, firefighters, and production staff with the authority to intervene, to have an aerial view of the crowd, thus minimizing risks.