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Trump threatens to deny birthright citizenship to Migrants, including Nigerians.

Former US President Donald Trump has vowed to prevent Nigerians and people from other nations from obtaining US citizenship by birth. At a rally in Michigan, where he reaffirmed his commitment to enacting harsh immigration laws, Trump made this claim. Regardless of their parent’s immigration status, all people born in the United States are automatically citizens. If adopted, Trump’s proposal would mark a dramatic shift in US immigration law.

The former president said that Nigerians and other foreign nationals were abusing and taking advantage of the birthright citizenship system. He stated his desire to revoke birthright citizenship through an executive order, but legal experts have expressed doubts regarding the legality of such a step. Trump’s attitude toward immigration was a pillar of his presidency and is still a divisive topic in US politics today.

Trump’s promise to deny birthright citizenship to Nigerians and other foreign nationals is expected to spark intense discussion and condemnation. Critics claim that doing so would be discriminatory and go against the values of diversity and inclusivity.

The idea also raises questions about the legal and constitutional repercussions of restricting birthright citizenship, given that the Fourteenth Amendment of the US Constitution protects it. The topic of immigration continues to be quite divisive in American politics, and Trump’s remarks are likely to spark more debate.