Tunisia’s President Kais Saied Sacks Prime Minister Najla Bouden Amid Deepening Crisis

Tunisia’s President Kais Saied has dismissed Prime Minister Najla Bouden, the country’s first-ever female prime minister. Ms. Bouden was hand-picked by President Saied to lead the government two years ago after he took control of almost all state powers.

Ahmed Hachani, a political unknown who had previously worked at the Tunisian central bank, took office shortly after Prime Minister Bouden’s late-night dismissal.

The decision to remove the prime minister comes amidst a worsening economic and social crisis marked by shortages of essential commodities. Prime Minister Bouden’s government had been supporting an economic reform program aimed at securing a $2 billion IMF bailout.

President Saied’s move to replace the prime minister has raised concerns and uncertainty in Tunisia as the country grapples with serious economic challenges and political upheaval. The deepening crisis has put significant pressure on the government to find solutions and address the growing discontent among the population.

Ahmed Hachani, the new prime minister, faces a daunting task in navigating the country through its current crisis and implementing necessary economic reforms to stabilize the situation.

As Tunisia continues to face challenges on multiple fronts, the government’s actions and decisions will be closely watched by both its citizens and the international community, with hopes of finding sustainable solutions to the country’s pressing issues.

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