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Twitter Temporarily Unavailable Due to Rate Limit Exceeded


Twitter, the popular social media platform, is currently experiencing technical difficulties, rendering the service temporarily unavailable for users worldwide. The disruption is accompanied by an error message stating “rate limit exceeded,” leaving users unable to access their feeds, post tweets, or engage with the platform’s features.

The cause of the downtime lies in Twitter’s efforts to regulate the use of its Application Programming Interface (API). The API allows third-party applications, such as TweetDeck, to retrieve Twitter data and integrate it into their services. In order to manage API usage, Twitter enforces a limit on the number of requests an account can make within a given time frame.

Twitter users are granted a maximum of 100 API calls per hour per account, regardless of the specific application being used. This means that every action taken through a third-party Twitter application, such as fetching tweets or sending notifications, contributes to the overall count. It is worth noting that this limit is exclusive to third-party applications, and Twitter’s official website, twitter.com, is not subject to the same restrictions as it does not utilise its own API.

The rate limit serves as a safeguard to prevent excessive usage, ensure fair access to resources, and maintain the platform’s stability and performance. By implementing this measure, Twitter aims to strike a balance between accommodating user needs and mitigating the risk of abuse or overwhelming demand on its servers.

However, the current disruption suggests that the rate limit has been surpassed, resulting in the temporary unavailability of the Twitter service. It is important to highlight that this issue is not exclusive to individual users or specific applications but affects the platform as a whole.

Twitter’s technical team is actively working to address the issue and restore normal functionality as quickly as possible. Users are advised to be patient while the necessary adjustments are made to the API infrastructure. In the meantime, Twitter.com remains accessible, allowing users to access their accounts, view tweets, and interact with the platform’s features directly through the website.

As the situation unfolds, Twitter is expected to provide updates on its official channels regarding the progress of the restoration efforts and any further steps users may need to take. In the spirit of resilience, Twitter users are encouraged to explore alternative means of communication during service disruptions while the company’s engineers work diligently to resolve the issue.