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Two Killed, 28 Wounded At A Baltimore Party In USA

According to authorities, a shooting rampage that took place at a street party in the early hours of Sunday morning in the city of Baltimore, Maryland, in the United States, resulted in at least two deaths and 28 injuries.

According to the officials, multiple shooters opened fire at the celebration in Baltimore, which is a port city located approximately an hour’s drive north of Washington and has one of the highest homicide rates in the United States.

It was not immediately clear what prompted the most recent tragedy in the ongoing saga of gun violence in the United States, and the authorities have issued a call for anyone with knowledge of those involved to come forward.

“Treat this as if it were your daughter, your son, your brother, or your cousin that was out here, shot at this event,” said Mayor Brandon Scott. “Behave as if it were any of those people.”

“We must come together as a city of Baltimore and wrap our arms around this Brooklyn community and each other,” he said, referring to the neighborhood in which the incident took place.

According to a statement made by the police, an 18-year-old lady was discovered dead at the scene, and a 20-year-old man passed away after being transferred to the hospital.

According to interim Police Commissioner Richard Worley, the ages of the victims varied anywhere from 13 to 32. As of Sunday afternoon, just nine of the 28 people who were injured had not been discharged from the hospitals where they were treated. A few of them remained in extremely serious condition.

“Our officers continue to scour the very large crime scene,” Worley said. “The crime scene is extremely large.” “This was an extremely extensive crime scene. We are talking about a number of different blocks here.”

According to Scott, the occurrence “highlights the impacts and the need to deal with the over-proliferation of illegal guns on our streets and the ability for those who should not have them to get their hands on them.”

“We will not stop until we find those cowards who decided to just shoot dozens of people, causing two people to lose their lives,” he stated. “We will not stop until we find those cowards.”

“Countless” different approaches to reducing violent behavior

According to the Gun Violence Archive, the United States has the highest rate of gun deaths of any developed country, at least 44,357 in 2022, including 24,090 suicides. This is despite the fact that there are more firearms in circulation than there are people living in the country.

According to the Gun Violence Archive (GVA), the shooting that took place on Sunday was at least the 338th mass shooting to take place so far this year. The GVA defines the term “mass shooting” as a gun-related occurrence in which four or more individuals are injured or killed.

In an editorial that was published earlier this year in The Washington Post, Scott argued that his city “has over-relied on the three Ps—policing, prosecution, and prisons—to reduce violence.” These “three Ps” stand for “policing, prosecution, and prisons.”
When someone pulls the trigger on a firearm, it is neither the beginning nor the conclusion of an act of violence. The mayor, who was elected in 2020 on a commitment to prevent gun violence, stated in a letter that “There are countless points along the way where we can intervene.”

This includes access to “behavioral health services, housing support, life coaching, case management, and other resources to ensure that a situation never gets to the point where an individual causes harm to another human being.”

The governor of the state of Maryland, Wes Moore, referred to the ongoing cycle of violence as “abominable.”

In a statement, he expressed his condolences to “the loved ones of these Marylanders.” “I am so sorry for your loss,” he said. “You are deserving of better, and we are going to work together to make that a reality for you. I give you my word that…”