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UAE Visa Ban on Nigeria: Lifted in Words, Not in Actions

Despite earlier reports of the lifting of the visa ban on Nigeria by the United Arab Emirates (UAE), implementation appears to have been stalled. This development comes after a meeting between Bola Tinubu and UAE officials, where it was reported that the ban had been lifted.

However, contrary to these reports, our source from a travel agency told Parallel Facts that the ban has not been lifted. The source, who wished to remain anonymous, expressed disappointment at the situation and promised to keep us updated on any changes.

“The restriction hasn’t been lifted,” the source said. “We were hopeful after the meeting between Bola Tinubu and UAE officials, but it seems we celebrated too soon.”

The eyewitness further explained that many Nigerians are still unable to process visas for the UAE, causing frustration among those wishing to travel for business or leisure.

The Nigerian government has yet to comment on this development. As we await further updates from the appropriate government authorities, many Nigerians continue to hope for a swift resolution on the issue and have called on the administration of Bola Tinubu to match words with actions.