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UEFA Will Not Utilise New Stoppage-time Rules—Zvonimir Boban

UEFA competitions will not utilise the new stoppage-time rules that English football implemented this season to prevent time wastage, according to Zvonimir Boban, the head of football for European governing body.

England referee organisation announced in July that officials will add on the precise time lost to goal celebrations, substitutions, and injuries, following FIFA’s methodology at the men’s and women’s World Cups.

The goal is to extend the amount of time the ball is in play; games now frequently last more than 100 minutes overall.

Raphael Varane of Manchester United, Kelvin De Bruyne of Man City, and the international players’ union FIFPRO have all condemned the new one strategy for adding to players’ already-hectic schedules.

Former Croatian and AC Milan player Boban told reporters in Monaco, “it is absolutely absurd.”

Boban said it is a big tragedy to add 12, 13, 14 minutes to games. Speaking from experience as a midfielder during his time he said players get tired in the last 30 minutes of the game and it is a tragedy to add extra 15 minutes.

“How often we have spoken critically about the calendar and too many games? We are not listening to players and coaches … It’s crazy. It’s too much, so we will not do this. Our guidelines are different,” said Boban.

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