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UK Warship in Nigeria to Boost Regional Maritime Security

The Royal Navy warship, HMS Trent, has arrived in Lagos, Nigeria, marking a significant step in the UK’s commitment to bolstering regional maritime security.

The HMS Trent’s mission is part of a broader initiative to aid allies and partners in combating illegal activities, including piracy and illicit trafficking. This visit, the second of its kind to Nigeria, aims to deliver capacity training and enhance maritime security in the region.

Departing from Gibraltar, the HMS Trent is equipped with an expert boarding team of UK Royal Marines and a Puma surveillance drone. The warship’s primary objective is to support West African allies in developing their capabilities to combat illegal maritime activities and contribute effectively to the stability of West Africa.

Approximately £6 billion of UK trade passes through this region. As such, part of Trent’s tasking is to support stability across the Gulf of Guinea through training. This will enable partner navies to take the fight to criminal actors, foster ties, share knowledge, and conduct patrols to increase security.

This mission underscores the UK’s commitment to ensuring regional maritime security and fostering international collaboration. The arrival of HMS Trent in Nigeria signifies a new chapter in the fight against illegal activities at sea and the pursuit of stability in West Africa.

A writer at Parallel Facts