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UN Seeks $71 Million for Flood Victims in Libya

The United Nations (UN) is urgently seeking more than $71 million to assist those most affected by the deadly flash floods that swept Libya over the weekend.

The hurricane-strength Storm Daniel slammed into Libya on September 10, resulting in the death of at least 4,000 people, with thousands more still missing. The United Nations Humanitarian Agency (Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs) expects the toll to rise.

The city of Derna, one of the hardest-hit locations, was reduced to a wasteland after two upstream dams burst on Sunday. The entire seaside town of Sousse remains submerged.

The UN aid agency, OCHA, has called for $71.4 million to respond to the most urgent needs of thousands of people affected by the deadly floods in Libya. The funds will be used to provide immediate relief and support to those displaced and affected by this natural disaster.

As the international community rallies to support Libya in this time of crisis, it is clear that immediate action is needed. The UN’s call for aid underscores the severity of the situation and the urgent need for funds.

The world watches as Libya grapples with this disaster, hoping for a swift recovery and return to normalcy for its citizens. Our thoughts are with those affected during this challenging time.

A writer at Parallel Facts