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Under Buhari, Corruption In Nigeria Was At Its Worst- Bishop Kukah

According to Matthew Kukah, bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Sokoto, Nigeria’s worst corruption period occurred under President Muhammadu Buhari’s previous leadership.

Kukah made this statement during his keynote address at Aare Afe Babalola’s 60th call to bar anniversary celebration on Monday in Ado, Ekiti.
The cleric pointed out that while corruption did not begin under Buhari’s presidency, it was morally and financially magnified by his regime.

We have witnessed Nigeria’s worst period of corruption, he declared. My friend here, Femi Falana, will talk about that since he has written a number of pieces discussing what occurred under the Buhari administration.

“They were not the ones who caused corruption, but I think in the last administration, we saw the ugliest phase of corruption, whether in moral terms, financial terms, or other terms,” he claimed.

Kukah lamented the fact that criminals and terrorists are coexisting in Nigeria, where the constitution protects national sovereignty.

The cleric expressed concern that people who pose a threat to the country’s and our democracy’s very existence are holding Nigerians hostage.

In his opinion, many Nigerians have lost faith in the judicial system.

In the same manner that every other institution in Nigeria is going through a crisis, he labeled the judiciary a victim.

He asserts that Nigeria should reconstruct itself “after the kind of mess the last administration has left the country,” rather than assuming that it is already a democracy but rather that it is moving in that direction.