We are tired of Sucking Dicks, Unical Law Students To Dean

University of Calabar female Law students have called out their Dean, Prof. Cyril Ndifon, for sexual misconduct, harassment of female students, and law school list manipulation, among others.

In a protest within the University, the students were seen carrying placards with inscriptions such as, “Prof. Ndifon, let the girls with big breasts breathe; stop suffocating us; enough of law list manipulation; prof. Ndifon must go for our sanity; we are tired of sucking dicks.

Meanwhile, netizens have continued to react to the outburst by the students. @moolah79 tweeted, Prof. Ndifon again?! This man was accused and even charged for sexually assaulting a law student a while back . How did he find his way back into Unical?

@templenwoke3 tweeted, Unfortunately, the story will be swept under the carpet as usual. Nigerian lecturers are from Hell.

The prevalence of sexual misconduct in Nigerian universities is a grave concern that demands immediate attention and concerted efforts to rectify it. It is even more worrisome as victims are usually punished either through outright failure in examinations or rustication by some university management.

It is essential for institutions, authorities, students, and society at large to collaboratively work towards creating an environment that is safe, respectful, and free from the chains of silence.

By tackling this issue head-on and fostering a culture of accountability, we can aspire to a future where survivors are supported, alleged perpetrators like Prof. Ndifon and others are held responsible, and our educational institutions become spaces for growth and empowerment for all.

A writer at Parallel Facts