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Why Tinubu Replaced My Name From The Ministerial List—Maryam Shetty

After Bola Tinubu took her name off the list of cabinet nominees, Dr. Maryam Shetty said that it was because of how unpredictable life is, but she didn’t have anything bad to say about anyone.

She said that being named was a sign that the country was ready to put young women from the most traditional parts of the country into office.

Shetty, who was born in Kano State and whose name was taken away and given to Dr. Mariya Mahmoud, said this yesterday in a statement.

As of press time, there was no explanation for why her name was changed to Mahmoud’s, who is also from Kano.

Shetty, on the other hand, said that she didn’t think this was a loss.

Her words were, “I am in the middle of a very important political event in Nigeria.” In a move that brought me a lot of honor, Bola Ahmed Tinubu picked me to be a ministerial nominee. Coming from the traditional, conservative parts of northern Nigeria, this was a big step toward a more diverse national representation.

“I couldn’t put into words how happy and proud I was to be chosen. It was a sign that our great country was ready to move forward into a future where young women like me, even from the most traditional parts of Nigeria, could hold positions of power and influence.

“Yet, because life is so unpredictable, I had to pull my name out of the running. Some people might see this as a setback, but as a devout Muslim, my religion helped me understand what was going on. I thought it was Allah’s will because I believe He gives power to whomever He wants when He wants. His plans always work out better than ours.”

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