Daniel Bwala

Wike Expulsion From PDP a Matter of Time– Bwala

Daniel Bwala, a lawyer and spokesman for the Atiku/PDP presidential campaign in the 2023 general elections, said that Nyesom Wike, the minister of FCT, will be kicked out of the party at the “right time.”

In an interview with Channels TV on Wednesday, Wike ‘dared’ the PDP to kick him out of the party. He also said that he should be the one to punish people in the party.

In response to Wike’s comment, Bwala said on Thursday’s episode of Channels Television’s Politics Today that the party rarely responds to what Wike says because he loves drama.

His words were, “Most of the time, we don’t pay much attention to what Wike says because everyone knows he loves theater.

He also said that the party’s “quietness” shouldn’t be taken as a sign of “weakness.”

He said, “Trust me, the party being quiet is not a sign of weakness. For anyone who is paying attention and can see what he is doing, the fact that the party is keeping quiet is not a sign of weakness. The party is sure of itself.

“At the right time, he would not only be grounded but also kicked out of school. “You can bank on that.”

Additionally, Bwala stated that it is acceptable for a PDP member to work for an APC-run government.

“There’s nothing wrong with a PDP member working in Tinubu’s government as long as the party makes that choice.

“The party can get together and decide we need a government of national unity.

“The party hasn’t done that, and he isn’t the national leader or the head of the board of trustees.

“I think everyone knows that he basically manipulated a lot of people and got them to work for him until he got what he wanted.”