Your Methodology on Unemployment Rate is Misleading – Ex-Boss, Yemi Kale, Tells NBS

Former Statistician-General of Nigeria, Dr. Yemi Kale, has ignited a debate by criticizing the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) recent release of new employment data. This data revealed a significant drop in unemployment from 33 percent in Q4 2020 to 4.1 percent.

Dr. Kale revealed that during his tenure, he resisted altering the country’s unemployment data collection method. He criticized the NBS’s decision to set a one-hour employment threshold, arguing that such a threshold does not adequately capture meaningful income generation.

He emphasized that the primary purpose of data is to equip policymakers with the necessary tools to comprehend and tackle societal issues effectively.

In contrast, the NBS has defended its new methodology, asserting that it aligns with international standards and reflects the evolving nature of work.

The controversy has ignited discussions about the accuracy of the new data and its implications for policy formulation and public perception. As debates continue, experts and stakeholders are closely examining the methods employed in data collection and analysis, emphasizing the importance of accurate and relevant data in guiding effective decision-making.

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